Industry Mavericks Working States-side

TLMAG Summer 2015 issue

“As architects, we use our creativity to serve society – to make our communities better places to live. Through our profession and our life’s work, each of us has shaped and re-shaped the everchanging narrative that is America in both humble and spectacular ways” said Elizabeth Chu Richter, Fellow of the American Institute of Architects 2015 at her recent appointment. Under this auspice TLmag selected, from an endless list of contemporary buildings and forward-looking proposals, both humble and spectacular faces of the American architecture scenario. Picking among young practices, foreign creative and well known names, the selection has become a carousel of different functions, ambitions and interventions that at different scales resew, physically and figuratively , parts of cities and neighborhoods.


New York is obviously one of the main stages of this flamboyant bandwagon where architecture tries to  glue eager developer interests and citizens needs. […]



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