Mark #41

Mark #41 Dec/Jan 2012/13

Alex Chinneck replicates a smash

Artist Alex Chinneck’s work of 312 identically cracked windows temporarily occupied
the frontage of a derelict factory at the corner of Mare Street and Tudor Road in
Hackney, an area of East London earmarked for serious regeneration, owing mainly
to its proximity to the city’s recent Olympic Games. […]

Roz Barr piles up sandbags

In these shifting times, in which the current trend seems to be characterized by pop-
up stores and fleeting restaurants, small corners of our cities have become ground
for experimentation in the temporary use of public space.

Oculus, by Roz Barr Architects and engineering firm Ramboll, took on this
impermanent role in Store Street’s South Crescent during the London Festival of
Architecture 2012. Ordinarily a car park in the Borough of Camden, the space was
transformed into a 120-seat amphitheatre. […]