Leith Walk Regeneration by Biomorphis

FRAME MAGAZINE (online), 9 September 2012 

Bridge Connects Social and Eco Initiatives

Edinburg is soon going to have a glamorous ‘green bridge,’ as local firm Biomorphisrealizes a design to convert old railway tracks into a walking route that connects the city’s east and west sides.

‘We consider this not to be a project as such, but more like another piece to what we believe is a self-organizing network [in the city],’ says architect Pierre Forissier of Biomorphis. 

This intervention represents the first step in resolving issues of greenhouse gas emission produced by excess auto traffic in Scotland. Edinburg has joined theTransition Scotland movement, which proposes sustainable new ways to develop cities.

The bridge project will convert tracks from the Caledonian Railway’s Leith Line into a suspended foot path. It doesn’t just represent a new path for transport, but also a new eco-infrastructure for the city as the old train line will become an area for local residents to cultivate gardens.

The fulcrum of the route is the bridge structure, composed by a simple straight timber boards suspended from two cables. The structure’s simple complexity is designed by an algorithmic pattern that responds to three principles: suspension, repetition and alignment.

Renderings courtesy Biomorphis