Mathi House Turin, Italy

WAN _ Eco WAN Project 22 May 2012

This new project by MARC it is a small residential renovation in Mathi close to Turin, Italy. The owner decided to leave Turin to come back with his family, in his hometown in the country side close to the city. This is what Mathi house represent, an old-style country barn with the spicy and clever mark of polished design by MARC’s architects. In this project we can see how the warm colour of an old brick house is mixed with the vivid atmosphere of the new design propose by the Turin-based studio.

A shallow excavation creates an element of connection between the front garden and the backyards through the house, characterised from a shiny yellow floor that links all of the spaces. The step created from the excavation generates an outdoor space and at the same time becomes the setting for the dining room.

At the request of the owner, on the second floor there is a swimming pool perfectly inserted into the organisation of the house as an independent volume that extends out of the facades with a balcony. In the facades the composition reshapes the balance between empty and solid, leaving in part the hole of the window and playing with it, showing the new interior organisation as a floor that cuts the hole in half creating a new effect of light.

Part of the project is still under construction, to realise a bed & breakfast on one side of the house. This represents a smart renovation of an old house where a couple of alterations allow the original quality of design and the atmosphere of a rural country barn to shine through, without hiding from an exuberant design.